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The Simple Act of Caring is Heroic.”  However, as professionals in the field, we all know caring is not always a simple act. There is red tape to cut through, hurdles to leap and certifications to achieve. Let us help you get state-certified properly and swiftly, so you can do what you do best.

The Medication Administration Class is required by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) Division of Quality Assurance (DQA). DHS Rule 83.20 allows only personnel who successfully complete the class to administer medications in a Community Based Residential Facility, under certain conditions.

At Lakeview Pharmacy we offer a two-day Medication Administration Class to get professional caregivers on the fast track to earning their certification. Each day is a seven-hour session and we provide all the necessary training materials. Participants are required to attend all training sessions both days and pass the final quiz with a score of 90{40a1dbdc75238612927579e6bd5f9dafb6fc8a060678211c5e5889ddaa624514} or better. Those who do not pass are given one additional test on the same day, however, if they do not receive a score of at least 90{40a1dbdc75238612927579e6bd5f9dafb6fc8a060678211c5e5889ddaa624514}, they must re-register, re-pay and re-take the course.

Course Breakdown

Section One:

This portion of the training covers basic terminology, reference tools, caregiver roles, resident rights, medication administration in CBRFs, legal & ethical issues and the Nurse Practice Act.

Section Two:

In this section of the class, our pharmacist will provide in depth information on medications, labels, physician order forms and medication administration records.

Section Three:

During this time, we outline the facility medication administration system. This includes information on documentation, medication errors, ordering, packaging, storing and delivery to a CBRF.

Section Four:

To wrap up the training, we walk you through the process of administering medications. You will have the opportunity to practice the steps of preparing, administering and documenting a medication. At the end of the class, we give a final quiz where you may use your book and notes.

Reserve Your Space Today!

We must receive your registration form and payment in full before scheduling you for a class. Payments must be made in two checks, one for $100 payable to Lakeview Pharmacy and one for $15 payable to UW Oshkosh.

Classes may be specifically scheduled if you have at least 10 participants. In those cases, payments must be received in advance and no refunds will be given or reschedules made for “no shows.”

All reservations cancelled at least two weeks in advance will be refunded. No refunds or “make up” classes will be given to those who do not show up for their scheduled course.  All dates are tentative and classes with less than five participants may be rescheduled.


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