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Knowledge is the Greatest Power

We Inform Patients of the Importance of Each Medication.

For patients to remain compliant with their medication regimen, it’s imperative that they take their medication on time everyday, as well as know exactly what they are taking and why. Otherwise, they might assume they don’t need a certain drug and stop taking it.

Many patients that come to us are unaware of why they are put on certain medications. At Lakeview Pharmacy we are attentive to our patients concerns, and with an online program called, Meds-On-Cue, we inform them about the importance of all their prescriptions.

Use Your SCAN App!

In the era of smartphones, we make it even easier for you to get answers regarding your prescription medication. With our Meds-On-Cue program, patients are able to watch videos about their medications and set reminders for when they need to take their medication. Save your receipts from your prescriptions and follow the directions below to learn more about your medications!

Meds On Cue


As one of Racine’s last independent pharmacies, Lakeview Pharmacy keeps a careful watch over each patient to ensure the best possible care. We listen. We pay attention. We catch what doctors miss.

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