benefits of a compounding pharmacy

3 Benefits of a Compounding Pharmacy

  • 22 February 2021

Understanding the Benefits of a Compounding Pharmacy

The demand for the benefits of a compounding pharmacy is growing and is expected to continue to do so for the next several years.

If you’re unfamiliar, compounding pharmacies use customized medication preparation techniques to help meet unique physician and patient needs. With more people and pets experiencing unique health challenges, the off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all approach of most prescription medications has fallen short of providing adequate treatment for a variety of medical issues.

And patients are responding positively to the services provided by compounding pharmacies. A report from Graphical Research found that compounding pharmacies accounted for 39 percent of the revenue generated from personalized drug sales in North America in 2019.

According to a report from, the average industry growth in compounding pharmacy for the five-year span of 2015-2020 was 1.6 percent. More importantly, that growth is projected to increase dramatically over the next five years as an aging population and the occurrence of chronic diseases that require proper, personalized medication is expected to also increase.

For example, the number of Americans 65 or older will nearly double by 2060 (around 95 million) compared to the roughly 52 million in place in 2018. With that in mind and the need for customized medications needed to treat the chronic issues for an older population, Graphical Research predicted compounding pharmacies could see a market share growth of six percent through 2026.

Compounding Pharmacies Serve Unique Needs

There are three primary benefits of compounding pharmacies that help patients meet their medication needs.

First, by taking proven, existing medications and combining them with less adverse-affecting materials, compounding pharmacies help patients avoid side effects that come for patients who may suffer from dye and/or filler allegories. Commercially manufactured medicines follow a rigid set of ingredients, and some patients will have allergic responses to some of those ingredients. Compounded medicines are tailored to the individual patient, and can side-step those allergic reactions.

Secondly, some patients may not be able to take medication orally because of other medical issues, or they may experience more benefits from a prescription if it is taken in another form or fashion. The benefit a compounding pharmacy can offer those patients is immense. For example, a compounding pharmacy can craft a special treatment — like an ointment or cream, or a topical solution for a pet — out of prescription that is normally available only commercially through a pill or tablet. These unique treatments will be designed specifically for the needs of the patient.

The third benefit of a compounding pharmacy is that it can help patients whose preferred medication has been discontinued commercially. The drugs a patient has relied on to treat a specific condition are no longer available through the usual channels. A compounding pharmacy can take existing medications or prescriptions and craft a solution that more closely mirrors the effects provided by the previous drug that is no longer available.

Keep This in Mind When Working with a Compounding Pharmacy

While the benefits of a compounding pharmacy are evident, there are a couple of stipulations when working with such a provider.

First, any compounding pharmacy — including Lakeview Pharmacy — cannot provide a compounded medication without a doctor’s prescription. It’s a violation of Federal law to dispense prescription drugs, compounded or not, without a doctor’s prescription. Lakeview Pharmacy is happy to work with you and your doctor to compound a more beneficial medicinal solution, but you will need to have the prescription secured beforehand.

Secondly, given the nature of the work, filling a compounded prescription will take longer. Trained pharmacists will carefully craft the desired compounded medication, and check and recheck the accuracy of the ingredients and dosage and all assorted details. This careful work takes time. As such, depending on the complexity of the compounded medication, compounded medications usually take 24 to 72 hours to complete.

Make Lakeview Pharmacy Your Compounding Home

Many patients have the need for and could use the benefits of a compounding pharmacy, and such services are a cornerstone of Lakeview Pharmacy. Whether you have specific allergies to dyes or filler ingredients, or need a medication no longer on the market, or need an alternative way to take a medication, Lakeview Pharmacy is equipped to help you meet your treatment needs.

Maybe you just need a better-tasting medicine, or perhaps you’re seeking a more easily taken topical substitute for a more comfortable medication experience. In any case, the compounding services offered by Lakeview Pharmacy can help.

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