compounded medications for pets

Need Compounded Medications for Pets?

  • 17 March 2021

Like You, Your Pets Can Benefit from Compounded Medication

A constant source of comfort and companionship, our pets often become loved additions to our families and provide memorable moments as varied and as unique as they are. Compounded medications for pets are a great way to help make sure we maximize our time together.

Much like their owners, pets will often need medication as they age to address a myriad of issues that could either impact their daily lives or potentially take them from us too soon. Veterinarian medicine has made incredible leaps alongside the rest of the modern world, but too often, applying those medicinal solutions to our pets’ medical issues is a complicated or difficult process.

With the variety of pets we adore, the wide assortment of medical issues facing them, and the difficulty of administering medicines to unwilling or uninterested “patients,” any help addressing these situations should be investigated by caring pet owners.

Compounded medications for pets can be a helpful solution for owners to handle their pets’ specific needs, in a form that makes administering medications easier than before.

Compounded Medications for Pets Can be an Ideal Choice

Due to the constraints involved, treating our pets’ medical issues is complicated by a number of factors. Fortunately, compounded medication for pets can alleviate many if not all of the challenges.

Utilizing a veterinarian compounding pharmacy will give you options to help you and your pet tackle the task of finding and/or administering medications.

First, compounding medications can change the taste and flavor of medication for your pet. Forcing your cat, for example, to ingest something it doesn’t want could likely result in a very unhappy feline (and possibly a few scratch marks for you as well). Compounding an orally ingested medicine can lead to a better tasting experience for your pet — such as tuna for that aforementioned cat. Compounding medicine can turn that pill into chewable treats for your dog or cat that will turn the experience into something your pet will look forward to.

Compounding can also take prescribed oral medication and craft it into a transdermal application — a cream or ointment — which will allow the active ingredient to be delivered across the skin. For example, instead of getting Sparky to swallow a pill he has no interest in, imagine instead applying a cream to a hairless area — such as the inside of an ear. What was once a moment of stress for you and your pet can be transformed into an easier and less stress-inducing activity.

By compounding pet medications, you can also ensure that it is delivered in an ideal size, with the perfect strength and dosage needed to accomplish the task. Working with your veterinarian, a compounding pharmacy will be able to create the most appropriate dosage for each specific animal treated. Just like with humans, every pet is unique and a one-size-fits-all approach to medication may not yield the best results.

Lastly, if you’ve come to depend on a specific medication but can no longer find it readily available, then a compounding pharmacy will still be able to acquire the necessary pharmaceutical-grade chemicals to produce the individual dosages. If your pet relies on a medicine that has disappeared from the market for any reason, a compounding pharmacy will allow you to continue to treat your animal companion.

Make Lakeview Pharmacy Your Choice for Compounded Pet Medication

With a long history of serving our customers with care and integrity, Lakeview Pharmacy is pleased to be able to offer that same level of customized service to the non-human members of your family.

As a veterinary compounding pharmacy, Lakeview Pharmacy will consult and work with your veterinarian to craft customized solutions for the medicinal needs of your pets. With our connections to compounding pharmacy organizations across the country, we’re constantly increasing the depth and width of our veterinary database and available resources to serve more solutions to you and your pets.

We can offer suspensions of piroxicam, methionine, or meloxicam to address every exact dosage requirement, for instance. We also have compounded diazepam suppositories for precise doses for your dog.

Contact us to learn more about these specific compounded pet medication offerings or to learn more about how we can help you and your pets solve your medication issues.