tadalafil troche vs pill

Tadalafil Troche vs Pill: Understanding the Benefits

  • 10 March 2021

Navigating Choices in ED Treatment

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to maintain an erection firm enough to participate in sexual intercourse and isn’t uncommon. Estimates for how prevalent the condition is range from roughly one-third of the male population to more than 50 percent above the age of 50 and even as many as 26 percent of men under 40.

While there are many potential causes for occasional ED, and frequent bouts with the affliction can indicate health or relationship issues that may need medical treatment or counseling, there are easily available medicines that can alleviate the core problem.

Both Tadalafil (the main ingredient found in the brand product Cialis) and Sildenafil (the main ingredient found in Viagra) have been proven to help ED patients return to a healthy sex life. Lakeview Pharmacy has previously detailed the processes both medicines use and how they differ.

For many ED sufferers, however, Tadalafil has been the more preferred option given its duration of effects. Both medications affect the body in the same way and need similar times for their effects to manifest. However, Tadalafil can offer benefits for up to 36 hours once used, while Sildenafil has a duration of just 4-6 hours. That larger window gives patients more freedom and much less need to plan ahead, which many users prefer.

Why Tadalafil Troches Can Serve you Better than Traditional Pills

In addition to offering a preferred duration, Lakeview Pharmacy can also offer Tadalafil in a preferred form. The question of whether to use a Tadalafil troche vs pill comes down to your preference, but troches offer several advantages not found in ingesting the medication in a pill or capsule form.

First, the ease of taking the medication via a troche — think of it as a lozenge — aids in enhancing the effectiveness of the medication. Troche medication comes in small, portable lozenges that are simply placed between the cheek and gum line. No water needed, no swallowing necessary.

The medication will be absorbed into the body via the blood vessels and mucus membranes in the mouth. The benefit here is the medication should be effective more quickly; it won’t enter the digestive process, or be processed by your liver.

Also, with the steady dissolving rate of a troche — each will take up to 30 minutes to be completely consumed — the medication will enter your body at a consistent rate. Instead of a pill delivering a highly concentrated batch of the medication at once, the troche technique could smooth out any issues you may have with a spike of a particular drug hitting your system all at once.

By taking a Tadalafil troche vs pill, you will keep the medication out of the digestive tract. Many medications lose a portion of their potency going through the digestive process, and you may need a higher dosage to get the preferred result. With a troche system of delivery, it’s possible to lower your required dosage to achieve the same result. By avoiding the digestive tract, you can also sidestep some of the side effects associated with the medication. If a pill leaves you nauseous, or with an upset stomach, taking the same medication with a troche should help.

Compounding and Lakeview, Working Together for You

Lakeview Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy, and such establishments are where you can obtain Tadalafil troches. Medication troches, and other non-traditional forms of medication, are prepared by compounding pharmacies according to the specific needs of the patient and the exact directions of that patient’s medical professional.

Compounding has evolved into a specialty service within the pharmacy community and is well-regulated. Just as any pharmacy must adhere to certain standards to be allowed to fill your regular pill or capsule prescriptions, there are regulations and rules for compounding pharmacies as they take medications and craft them into different or more easily taken forms.

The Food and Drug Administration, the Federal Trade Commission, the Drug Enforcement agency, and state-level medical boards and boards of pharmacy all share some of the oversight covering pharmacy compounding practices. Lakeview Pharmacy will have trained pharmacists on staff to handle each specific prescription to ensure it is converted into an easily-taken form that is also safe.

Our compounding pharmacy techniques are essential if you’re interested in moving to a Taladafil troche vs pill treatment plan. Lakeview can also serve other compounding needs such as creating topical creams or transdermal gels.

Contact us today, and let’s discuss how we can help solve your pharmaceutical issues.