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Understanding Troche Medications: What They Are and How They Work

  • 08 December 2020

It goes without saying that different medications will affect your body differently. But did you know that how those medications are administered to your body can also lead to different results and outcomes? This is where troche medication can offer benefits.

Most commonly, pharmaceutical treatments are taken orally. You know, a pill. You take your medicine, it enters your digestive tract and eventually filters its way into your bloodstream and ends up in the area, organs and/or cells of your body that need the benefit.

The problems with medicine taken this way are familiar to everyone. There is a lag time between when the medicine is taken and when it actually addresses the issue it was meant to solve. This is because the body needs time to digest, or break down, the pill/tablet/capsule and then distribute it. If you’ve taken aspirin for a headache, you know the feeling of ticking off the minutes until the pain is alleviated.

Additionally, the process of going through the digestive tract can limit the effectiveness of some medications and can lead to an increased dosage to account for this fact. For example, with natural hormone replacement therapy, many of the benefits are lost through the process of digestion. Such treatments, like most things absorbed by the digestive process, are then carried through the liver in what is called first-pass metabolism. This can lead to sudden spikes in effect from medication taken this way and adds to the burden carried by the liver which can increase other risk factors.

However, by employing other means of taking medication, some of those issues can be alleviated or eliminated. Topical solutions have been effective for medications that can interact poorly with the gastrointestinal tract when taken orally, but effects can vary according to make up each individual’s skin.

Another effective way to take medicine is by troche, or lozenge if you prefer. The technique has been around for hundreds of years and today is being used to offer patients more customizable ways to take medicines that they need.

Troche medication comes in small, portable lozenges that are inserted into the mouth and placed between the cheek and gum line. The medication within is absorbed by the body through the mucus membranes and the many blood vessels in the area.

The benefits of troche medication are that it offers a quicker way for the treatment to enter the bloodstream. It doesn’t have to go through the digestive process, and it doesn’t get shuttled through the liver first. It will enter the bloodstream sooner and begin to offer relief or treatment sooner.

In addition, the dissolving nature of troche medication — each troche takes up to 30 minutes to be consumed — means the medication is entering the bloodstream at a steady, consistent rate. It’s not arriving in one lump sum like a pill or tablet and should help alleviate any spikes that are sometimes evident with things like natural HRT for example.

And lastly, because the medication is kept out of the digestive tract, troche medication will cut downside effects of medications that interact poorly with some patients. If a certain pill is likely to leave you with an upset stomach, taking it via troche should help those symptoms.

Tadalafil Troches and Lakeview Pharmacy

One example of a commonly used medication that Lakeview Pharmacy has crafted into an effective troche medication is Tadalafil. Like most troches, this one is used by placing it between the cheek and gum and having it slowly dissolve over 15 to 30 minutes. It should not be chewed or swallowed quickly, however, as this defeats the purpose of the troche mode of delivery.

Tadalafil is commonly used to help treat erectile dysfunction (ED) and is preferred by most patients because of its ease of use. Once ingested, it can remain in your system for up to 36 hours meaning there is no pressure to try to find the right time to use the medication. If suffering from ED, using a daily troche means you will be prepared if the need arises.

The gradual nature of the medication entering the system via a troche also avoids some of the side effects associated with the drug and will help avoid any sudden spikes that taking the medication might cause. Dosages used with troche medications are lower and usually more cost-effective as well.

Tailoring Your Own Troche Medication

Compounding pharmacies are essential if you’re seeking to explore options related to taking troche medications. Such pharmacies can put your prescribed medication into topical creams, transdermal gels, or other dosage forms suitable to their patients’ unique needs.

Compounding pharmacies, such as Lakeview Pharmacy, will have trained pharmacists on staff to handle each individual prescription. They’ll make sure your individual prescription is converted into a safe, easily takeable form.

In terms of troches, compounding pharmacies can craft medications that exclude some nonessential ingredients, or customize the strength or dosage of each individual troche. Additionally, troches can be flavored — with a wide variety of options — to make medication more palatable and thus more likely to be taken regularly.

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