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What is the Best ED Medication?

  • 28 September 2020

Multiple Options Are Available, But What’s the Best ED Medication?

Erectile dysfunction afflicts millions of men each year. One study from the University of Wisconsin indicated that moderate ED affects approximately 10 percent of men per decade of life. For example, roughly 50 percent of men in their 50s (and 60 percent of those in their 60s and so on) experience mild, moderate and occasional ED. But there are widely available medications and other treatment options for those dealing with ED. Before detailing the best ED medication, however, let’s learn more about ED.

What is ED (Erectile Dysfunction)?

Erectile Dysfunction, sometimes referred to as impotence, is the inability to get or maintain an erection firm enough to participate in sexual intercourse. An erection is the result of increased blood flow into the penis and is a complex process involving circulation, muscles, hormones, nerves and the brain. Any breakdown in the chain of responses needed to initiate the process can lead to ED.

There is no one cause for ED. Instead, there many issues that can lead to ED including — but not limited to — depression, anxiety, stress, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, high blood pressure and/or cholesterol, and drug or alcohol abuse.

ED isn’t uncommon, but extended bouts with ED could be an early indicator of a more serious underlying health condition — particularly with the cardiovascular system.

There are several ways to address or prevent ED without medication. Patients should work with their health care professionals to address chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Regular exercise can help the cardiovascular system. Refraining from drugs and alcohol, including tobacco, can also help. On an emotional level, finding healthy ways to deal with stress, anxiety and depression can also go a long way to alleviating the issue.

And there are medications — in particular Sildenafil and Tadalafil — that can help address the problem.

Sildenafil and Tadalafil, the Two Best ED Medications

If you’ve decided to pursue a medicinal solution to erectile dysfunction, your health care professional will likely direct you toward Tadalafil and Sildenafil.

The two drugs are the most common phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors (PDEI) used to treat ED. The two medications are used to block the degradative action in the smooth muscle cells lining the blood vessels supplying various tissues. Sildenafil and Tadalafil dilate the masses of the erectile tissue of the penis, which helps blood flow through the penile arteries. In turn, the increased blood flow fills the two chambers inside the penis that gives the organ its rigidity needed for intercourse.

The drugs, the best ED medications used today, address the blood flow issues (cardiovascular) that may be the root cause of ED in some patients. If the erectile dysfunction is caused by mental or emotional problems, the medications may not be as effective.

Sildenafil was first introduced in 1998 and is the main ingredient found in Viagra. The drug will begin to work roughly 30 minutes after the initial dose is taken, and it can last for 4-6 hours. The effects should not last longer than 12 hours.

Tadalafil, the primary ingredient in Cialis, was released in 2003. In many aspects, it’s similar to Sildenafil in how it treats ED. However, Tadalafil has an onset of 20 minutes and should be taken 30 minutes prior to intercourse. Also, Tadalafil lasts much longer than Sildenafil with a duration of up to 72 hours.

Lakeview Pharmacy broke down the differences between the two drugs, including the benefits, differences and how to acquire a prescription in detail. But the primary benefit of Tadalafil over Sildenafil lies in the duration time. Once taken, Tadalafil offers a bigger window for the patient to engage in intercourse. Some patients felt Tadalafil offered them less pressure from time constraints and left them feeling they had to do less planning before and after sexual encounters because of that larger window.

Side Effects to be Aware of with PDEIs

There are some known side effects that users of Sildenafil and Tadalafil should be conscious of (in some patients) if they choose to use PDEIs to treat ED.

Among the mild side effects of using the drugs are flushing — a redness or warmth of the face, neck or chest — headaches, stomach pain or flu-like symptoms.

Some users also reported memory issues, muscle or back pain, blurred vision, or a loss in color vision — such as difficulty in telling the difference between red and green. Dizziness, diarrhea, a loss of hearing or ringing in the ears are also potential side effects.

Lastly, some users do experience prolonged erections — also known as priapism — abnormal ejaculation, or low blood pressure. Always consult with your doctor before considering using Sildenafil or Tadalafil to treat ED.

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