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Why You Should Use Pet Compounding Pharmacy Services

  • 18 November 2021

Just Like You, Your Pet has Unique Needs and Tastes

Much like their owners, our pets all have their own unique quirks, idiosyncrasies, and things they just don’t like. When these traits collide with prescribed medical treatment, then the need for a pet compounding pharmacy becomes clear.

Due to the specific constraints, compounding is often the ideal choice to improve medicinal compliance in our animal companions. As a pharmacy practice, compounding has been around for centuries and today is governed by rules from the Food and Drug Administration among other regulatory bodies. Licensed practitioners still need a written prescription for a specific patient to be able to compound a particular medication.

It works much the same way with veterinary medicine. Together with your veterinarian, licensed compounding pharmacists can craft medications to expand the number of treatment options available for several conditions. Medications can be turned into oral liquid, topical, and even animal-treat forms. With additional flavoring possible as well, the end goal is to make the medications easier to administer to pets.

As anyone who has tried to give a capsule to their cat can attest to, making sure our beloved pets take their medications can be a struggle. A pet compounding pharmacy offers solutions for owners and their pets to ensure treatment plans can be followed. Let’s examine some specific ways compounded pet medication can help.

How a Pet Compounding Pharmacy Can Help

Lakeview Pharmacy, as a veterinary compounding pharmacy, is committed to working with your veterinarian to offer customized medications for the treatment of your pets — no matter their shape, size, or request. Below are a number of ways that our services can help you give these furry members of your family the daily medication they need.

Flavored Treats

We all know how picky Mittens can be when you change the kind of food they normally receive. Now, imagine the difficulty is getting your family dog or cat to voluntarily ingest a medication. Compounding an orally ingested medication can take much of the stress out of this process.

Compounding the medicine into a better tasting or more flavored option — for example as a chewable treat for your dog — can turn this problem into something your animal friend may instead look forward to. The process of dealing daily medication contained within a tuna or beef flavored exterior could lessen the stress for both pet and owner alike.

Transdermal Solutions

Compounding medication can also change the form of the drug entirely. For example, instead of a pill or capsule, a pet compounding pharmacy can use the medication as the base for a transdermal application — such as a cream, oil, or ointment.

The active ingredient in the medication will still be delivered but by a different route. Instead of ingesting the pill or capsule, the transdermal medication can be applied through normal contact and behavior with the pet in question. For example, using transdermal oil you can apply the same medication found in a pill to your cat by applying the oil to the relatively hairless areas inside the ears. Again, this process will make applying the needed medication easier for all involved.

Unavailable Medications

Maybe you’ve found a medication that addresses the needs of your pet and delivers good results. However, due to changes at the manufacturer level that particular drug is no longer available or much harder to acquire.

A compounding pharmacy will still be able to locate the necessary pharmaceutical-grade chemicals to produce the individual dosages. If your pet relies on a medicine that has disappeared from the market for any reason, a compounding pharmacy will allow you to continue to treat your animal companion.

Ideal Size and Dosage

With a pet compounding pharmacy, you’ll also be able to tailor needed medications into the proper form needed for your pet. Working with your vet, a compounding pharmacist will be able to increase (or decrease) the dosage to the appropriate level to guarantee the best chance at favorable results. You can also make the medication bigger, or smaller, to aid in administering it. Remember, just like with humans, every pet is unique and a one-size-fits-all approach to medication may not yield the best results.

Lakeview Pharmacy has Trusted Pet Compounding Services

With a large selection of specialty products and a host of compounding services with the customer in mind, Lakeview Pharmacy has put your medicinal needs at the forefront of everything we do for decades. That same dedication applies to your pets as well.

We not only provide a full suite of compounding services for pets, but we also provide Sildenafil — with many options and adherence to dosing guidelines — for dogs to treat pulmonary hypertension.

Lakeview Pharmacy has served the Racine, Wis. area for nearly half a century in a variety of ways, both old and new. Whether it’s exploring new techniques for applying medications you’ve taken for years, setting up long-term care options, or offering new solutions to old problems, our staff of experienced pharmacists will provide the personal service and attention you need to find your way through a complicated health care landscape.

Contact us today to learn more about our pet compounding pharmacy services or to discuss other ways we can help you.