Self Confidence is Your Best Costume.

Depression and self-image insecurities are common challenges patients with skin disorders face. Lakeview Pharmacy collaborates with physicians to formulate a wide variety of skin treatments to help patients with skin disorders look and feel more confident.

In our compounding lab, we can mix creams and ointments or add new medications together to formulate the best treatment for specific skin conditions. With compounding, patients can choose routes of administration, unique potency and pharmaceutical combinations to fit their individual needs.

We have a customized Scar Therapy that is excellent for new and old scars, burns, surgical scars, stretch marks and acne scars. It is a PCCA exclusive product powered by PracaSil – Plus Scar Treatment.

We will work with your dermatologist to prepare skin treatments designed specifically for you to improve compliance and well-being.


As one of Racine’s last independent pharmacies, Lakeview Pharmacy keeps a careful watch over each patient to ensure the best possible care. We listen. We pay attention. We catch what doctors miss.

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