Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s Disease is a disorder that causes unwanted fluid build-up in the inner ear. This fluid applies immense pressure onto vital organs that regulate our balance and hearing; causing episodes of “feeling of spinning”, ringing in the ears and hearing loss.

Many of our patients with Meniere’s find relief through medication. Treatment helps ease and prevent symptoms including: loss of balance from vertigo, ringing in the ears, aural fullness (feeling that the ear is plugged), headaches and nausea.

Betahistine Capsules

At Lakeview Pharmacy we focus on managing the symptoms to ease the pain and discomfort from episodes of Meniere’s Disease. Our compounding pharmacy custom blends a medication called Betahistine. This drug may be used to increase blood flow around the inner ear, decreasing fluid build-up to help prevent symptoms from developing.

If you suffer from Meniere’s Disease and are having trouble finding the best symptom relief, talk to your doctor about our Compounding Pharmacy. Avoiding caffeine, alcohol, salt and nicotine also may help reduce the frequency and severity of Meniere’s Disease episodes.


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