CBD intimacy oil

Enhance Intimacy with CBD Intimacy Oil

BLISS CBD intimacy oil is the first-and-only cannabis-infused intimate oil formulated by a female reproductive medicine specialist.  Sexual dysfunction in women, including endometriosis and painful intercourse, affects millions of people. BLISS CBD intimacy oil was designed to help alleviate dryness and decrease inflammation.  The effect of BLISS increases lubrication and improves blood flow which can enhance the sexual experience. All-natural ingredients intentionally selected to stimulate, soothe, and equalize the sexual experience for both men and women.

BLISS CBD intimacy oil uses only plant-based ingredients, unlike many other lubricants that are often loaded with harmful chemicals and synthetic preservatives.

HEMP EXTRACT – Helps Relaxation & Stimulates Pleasure
COCONUT OIL – Increases Lubrication
PEPPERMINT & BLACK PEPPER – Creates Cooling & Heating Sensations
L-ARGININE – Amino Acid that Improves Blood Flow & Stimulation
CACAO SEED BUTTER – Contains Anandamide, the Bliss Neurotransmitter for Sensual Pleasure
CETEARYL – Moisturizing Emulsifier


    • For Women, Men, Couples & Singles
    • All-Natural Lubrication
    • Increases Blood Flow
    • Eliminates Dryness & Pain
    • More Intense & Longer Lasting Pleasure
    • Increases Relaxation for a More Fulfilling & Powerful Sexual Experience

How to Use BLISS:

Shake well before use. A quarter size is suitable for many, but it is safe to use more if needed. Apply to wherever you desire, as BLISS CBD intimacy oil is safe to use inside and out. Cannabis-enhanced sexual products work best when they have a chance to absorb into the skin first. Ananda Hemp recommends applying at least 15 minutes before sexual activity.

Is BLISS safe to use with condoms?

BLISS should not be used with latex condoms, as any oil-based product can degrade the integrity, rendering it ineffective.

Science has proven that a healthy sex life leads to an overall healthier life.

Contact us today to find out if BLISS Oil is right for you or call us directly at (800) 852-1445.

CBD Frequently Asked Questions

CBD is short for Cannabidiol and is a compound from the cannabis plant. CBD has proven to have significant medical benefits. CBD comes from hemp and is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that works to counteract the “high” feeling from the THC. Benefits of CBD include anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties.

Everyone can benefit. CBD is an all-natural product that helps maintain overall health. The ECS regulates almost everything, and many people with certain medical conditions including; depression, anxiety, pain and insomnia can greatly benefit from having their ECS supplemented.

We are hardwired with a master control system referred to as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is made up of cell receptors that act as messengers, giving our bodies specific directions on what to do. Some of these receptors are located in the brain and the spinal cord, while others are in immune cells, the gastrointestinal tract and everything outside the brain and spinal cord. The diversity of receptor locations proves how important they are for day-to-day bodily functions.

ECS helps regulate:
-Motor Control
-Appetite / Hunger
-Pleasure & Reward
-Reproduction & Fertility
-Immune Function
-Temperature Regulation

Endocannabinoids are the chemical messengers that tell your body to get these processes moving and when to stop. They also help maintain optimal balance in the body, known as homeostasis.

If your body does not produce enough endocannabinoids or cannot regulate them properly, you are more susceptible to illnesses that affect one or more of the functions listed above. External sources of cannabinoids like CBD can help regulate your ECS to improve health.

Hemp offers a unique ratio of cannabinoids that are non-euphoric but still beneficial in supporting the body’s natural processes controlled by the ECS. CBD helps to balance and maintain the ECS, proving therapeutic potential in almost all conditions.

Oil extracted from the seeds of the cannabis plant are proven to be a great source of plant-based protein and contain all the essential amino acids that are necessary for human life. The oil does not contain THC, the primary psychoactive compound in marijuana.

There are many ways to take CBD. The most common are tinctures (oil droppers) which are used sublingually under the tongue and topical applications, such as salve or patches.

Taking a tincture is a great method to get the most out of Ananda Professional products. This sublingual administration eliminates the first-pass metabolism by the liver and promotes rapid onset. When taken orally, hepatic CYP450 enzymes reduce the concentration of CBD in the body, which doesn’t happen when taken sublingually. 

Additionally, when using Ananda’s full spectrum oil, the CBD is administered in fatty acids. Research has shown that coadministration of fatty acids and cannabinoids can increase CBD absorption.  

To administer the tincture sublingually, place the tincture under the tongue for 60 seconds or until it is absorbed. Do not swallow. 

It is impossible when taken properly. Some people notice they feel less anxious when they use CBD. Hemp contains other cannabinoids and phytonutrients like CBN, CBL and CBDA. These cannabinoids, terpenes and phytonutrients all play in important role in supporting your endocannabinoid system and help regulate normal cell functions.

Yes, non-psychoactive medical CBD oil is legal to use in the state of Wisconsin. Legalized in 2014, residents of Wisconsin can purchase products including CBD Topicals and more. When properly derived from industrial hemp, CBD is federally legal in all states. To be legal, the THC level (the cannabinoid which produces the “high” feeling) must be less than 0.3%

THC-Free CBD oil is now available to ensure employees pass drug tests. However, with other CBD oils, yes, you may fail a drug test even if you experience no mood-altering affects from your CBD-rich medicine. Drug tests are geared toward identifying THC, not CBD or another cannabinoid. If one medicates with CBD-rich cannabis that has a small amount of THC, the THC may register on the drug test.

Ananda Professional is the only full-spectrum hemp CBD oil that we know of who labels for milligrams of active cannabinoids. Our products are also tested to be sure chemicals, pesticides and other dangerous additives are not detected. Some brands may not test for these contaminates which they can get into the CBD oil and into your body. 

Isolate CBD oil is just that – isolated CBD. Full-spectrum hemp extract includes CBD and other cannabinoids, as well as terpenes, flavonoids and omega fatty acids. All of the compounds in full-spectrum oil work synergistically to promote the “entourage effect,” which results in a greater therapeutic response at a lower dose.

This has been supported by research in both human and animal subjects; studies revealed that full-spectrum CBD had more potent anti-inflammatory effects at lower doses than isolate CBD.  Lower doses mean decreased risk of drug interactions and side effects.  Lower doses are better for your patient’s liver and for their wallet.

Think of it this way: Would you recommend your patients eat an orange or obtain vitamin C by putting a powder in a drink? That’s the “whole food” difference of full-spectrum versus isolate CBD.

Our original CBD oil product only includes a smidgen of THC, and it’s not only the THC that helps boost the therapeutic potential of the hemp extract. All of the compounds present in the product help boost the therapeutic potential. So by only removing one molecule, the THC, patients can still benefit from the entourage effect and see very similar benefits of the original product.