CBD Oil for Pets

From Farm to Friend

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract for Cats & Dogs  

CBD Oil for Pets
Does your four-legged best friend experience separation anxiety or suffer from joint pain? CBD oil can help reduce stress, increase appetite, and protect your pets nervous system, as well as help with neurodegenerative diseases.  Lakeview Pharmacy now offers Ananda Pets Products to improve the overall health and wellness of your pets.

What is Ananda Pets?
Ananda Pets is a full spectrum hemp extract (CBD) created exclusively for cats and dogs. Just like us, our furry friends have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), a central regulatory system that plays an essential role in establishing and maintaining health.

CBD Shows Promise in Supporting:

  • Arthritis
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Nausea & Vomiting
  • Noise Phobias
  • Hip & Joint Mobility 
  • Everyday Health & Wellness

How Does it Work?
Pets have cannabinoid receptors found throughout the body and brain. These receptors work on pain, mood, appetite and inflammation which help restore normal balance and homeostasis to your pet. And just as full spectrum hemp extract (CBD) has helped people, your pets can reap the same health-boosting benefits.

Is There Clinical Research?

How is Ananda Pets Different from Ananda Hemp and Ananda?
Ananda Pets contains organic coconut oil. Coconut oil contains fatty acids that are good for overall health, digestive, coat, skin and bone health…plus it’s bacon-flavored!

How Do I Administer to My Pet?
Place drops between pet’s cheek and back teeth or drop onto their food or favorite snack following the Dosing Guideline below:


Is it Safe for Both Cats & Dogs?
Yes. Ananda Pets is 100% safe for both cats and dogs to consume. Every batch of Ananda Pets is tested by a third-party lab to make sure the concentration of active cannabinoids is consistent and that there are no harmful chemicals or pathogens that could harm your pet. It is 100% natural, non-addictive, non-toxic and non-psychoactive.

Will CBD Make My Pet Feel “High”?
No. Your pet will not experience a “high” feeling from ingesting CBD oil. Unlike marijuana, hemp contains extremely low levels of tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC), the compound in marijuana responsible for the “high” feeling. Ananda Pets is non-addictive, non-toxic and non-psychoactive.

Are There Any Negative Side Effects?
Ananda Pets is safe, non-psychotropic and has no adverse side effects for your furry friends.

What Will Happen if I Give My Pet More than the Recommended Dosage?
There are zero recorded incidences of overdosing on CBD products, yet we still highly recommend you adhere to the suggested dose for your pet according to their weight.

For more information about CBD Oil for Pets, call (800) 852-1445.