In Sync With Your Schedule

Fill All Your Medications at One Time, Every Month!

For those of us who take several different medications, keeping them organized and refilled on time is a challenge. What if you only had to make one trip to the pharmacy per month and received all your medications at once? Not only would you alleviate stress, but you would save time and money. With MedSynch you can.

MedSync is a FREE program where we fill all of a patient’s medications at the same time each month to eliminate the need for multiple unnecessary trips to the pharmacy. Once the prescriptions are filled, our pharmacists call the patient to ensure all of his/her medications are filled up-to-date and answer any questions or concerns that the patient may have. In addition, we automatically check for refills each week in order to request new prescriptions on any that are out of refills or have expired.

Complimentary MedSync Review & Follow-up

We want to work together to keep you on a healthy path. After six months as a MedSync patient, you may receive a complimentary review and follow-up to ensure you received a positive outcome.

We Offer FREE Delivery for MedSync Patients

Can’t Make it to the Pharmacy? No worries. It is our mission at Lakeview Pharmacy to simplify medication adherence for all of our patients. If that means bringing medication to you, then we will be knocking at your door!

MedSync Benefits:

Save Time

  • Reduce trips to the pharmacy
  • Less time organizing medication
  • Fewer calls in for refills
  • More time with family

Save Money

  • FREE service
  • Spend less on gas
  • Easier to budget for your copays

Eliminate Stress

  • Automatic refills same time every month
  • FREE delivery for MedSync patients

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