Physician 360: At Home Rapid Tests for Strep, Flu, UTI & Anemia

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Skip the doctor’s office: With one quick trip to Lakeview Pharmacy you can purchase a rapid test kit, have a telemedicine visit, and get your prescription filled. Physician 360 sells the same high quality rapid diagnostic tests used by your doctor’s office, but the price of the kit also includes a telemedicine visit with a prescriber licensed in the state of Wisconsin. Lakeview Pharmacy offers rapid strep, flu, urinary tract infection and anemia tests. Patients are able to choose if they would like to take the test home or use Lakeview Pharmacy’s private consultation room allowing you to take the test and have the visit without leaving.

How it Works at Lakeview Pharmacy:

1. Buy a test kit from us.
2. Once you buy your test kit, you can either use the test in the pharmacy or take it
home for a later date.
3. Click here to book your included physician consult. (You will create an account and enter basic information about your illness. Hit the ‘initiate consult’ button. It takes our providers an average of 5 minutes to appear on your screen.)
4. Your physician will discuss treatment options and is able to send an electronic prescription to Lakeview Pharmacy immediately. If you’ve taken the test at the pharmacy, you’re already there! Congrats, one less step for you!
5. Feel better!

Please click on a link below to either read the instruction document or watch a demonstration video for any of the following kits:

STREP – a quick throat swab

FLU – a gentle nasal swab

UTI – a small urine sample

ANEMIA – a quick finger prick

Physician 360 Frequently Asked Questions

Test accuracy is defined by sensitivity and specificity from clinical trials. Sensitivity is the percentage of results that will be positive when a disease is present. Specificity is the percentage of results that will be negative when a disease is not present. Physician 360 tests use similar methodologies to what you would experience in a hospital or physician office; therefore, the accuracy levels are comparable.

  • Rapid Group A Streptococcus (Strep): Sensitivity 92% and Specificity 99%
  • Rapid Influenza A and B (Flu): Sensitivity 70-95% and Specificity 95%
  • Rapid Urinary Tract Infection (UTI): Sensitivity 76% and Specificity 70%
  • Rapid Anemia: Sensitivity 94% and Specificity 94%
  • Flu testing accuracy is time-dependent.

Physician 360 test kits cost $39.95 – $49.95 and include an audiovisual physician consultation where the physician is able to send an electronic prescription to the pharmacy immediately. Physician 360 saves you both time and money compared to alternatives:

  • Average Minute Clinic visit: $135-200 for the visit
  • Average Urgent Care deductible: $150 for the visit
  • Average Emergency Room deductible: $250 for the visit
  • Average Primary Care (PCP) office visit: $35 for the visit.

This does not include the opportunity cost of your time! Your time is valuable and should not be spent scheduling an appointment, waiting on hold, waiting to be checked in and waiting for the doctor to arrive. You could also infect someone else with your germs or catch a worse sickness while waiting to be seen in a communal waiting room. We are just anti-waiting!

*Prices listed do not include non-medical costs. Non-medical costs are expenses like transportation, childcare, and missed time at work. The average non-medical expense for one case of Strep Throat is $96.

No, our kits only require a light touch with a nasal swab for Flu test kits, a throat swab for Strep test kits, a small urine sample for UTI test kits, or a quick finger prick for anemia test kits.

All tests are validated and quality controlled for result accuracy by third-party clinical laboratories. Results are comparable to samples collected in a physician’s office or clinical laboratory.

Sure! Flu and Strep are highly contagious, so it’s possible others in your household have been infected. While we always encourage hand washing and other precautions to prevent disease spread, it is possible, despite good intentions, that more than one member of your family will end up with the same sickness. Please note, each person requires their own Physician 360 test kit and registration for consultation, but you can add multiple family members to one account.

Yes! Our tests can be used on anyone over the age of 5 with the assistance of an adult. We don’t recommend these tests for uncooperative children of any age, or any child under 5 because of the increased chance for an inaccurate result.

All of our test kits are proudly made in the United States.

All of our kits are FDA cleared tests that require physician approval for purchase. These tests have the same diagnostic accuracy as going into a laboratory.

Disclaimer: Tests used in Physician 360 kits have been developed and performance characteristics determined by Physician 360 clinical laboratory affiliates. Tests have been cleared by the US Federal and Drug Administration (FDA), and require a physician authorization for purchase and use. These tests are used for clinical purposes. They should not be regarded as investigational or for research. Physician 360 affiliates are regulated under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) of 1988 as qualified to perform high complexity clinical testing and follow the guidelines of the FDA for all other regulatory matter and compliance.

Yes, a test kit’s expiration date is marked on the box and may vary. Typically, it is between 6-12 months from the time you receive it; so you can keep a few in your medicine cabinet and stay prepared for the whole season!

All of our tests result within 5-10 minutes!

The test for Strep and Flu both have a control. That means if the test was performed properly, a blue line should appear next the ‘C’ in the result window. Although a test malfunction is possible, it is rare.

This is another reason why the physician consult is so important! Even if the test was not performed properly, physicians are trained professionals, who can still assess your risk for an illness.

Our on-call physicians are available within minutes, 7 days a week, between 8 A.M. and 8 P.M. Central Time.

When you purchase a Physician 360 test kit, included is a real-time audiovisual consultation with a Physician 360 physician affiliate. This consultation is very important. The test kits are not meant to be used without physician oversight, consultation and result interpretation. Depending on your symptoms at the time of consultation, the physician is able to send an electronic prescription to the pharmacy of your choosing immediately. To request a physician consultation, click here. You will be prompted to complete a brief medical questionnaire.

Please note, we currently offer purchase authorization and physician consult in:

Yes, all Physician 360 test kits are intended to be used in conjunction with a Physician 360 physician consult. The consult doesn’t cost you anything extra as it’s included with your purchase of the test kit!

While you are welcome to call your primary care doctor (PCP) after using a Physician 360 test kit, your PCP is not obligated to treat you. If they are unable to interpret your test and treat you based on the result and your symptoms, please schedule your physician consult, which is included at no extra cost with the purchase of a test kit. Click here to initiate your physician consult.

The Physician 360 doctor will know the result of your test because:

*  They will be able to see it during the audiovisual consult.

*  You will attach a photo of your result to your eVisit medical record

Please keep all test kit packaging and materials until after your physician consult.

All customers who test positive or negative using the Physician 360 service are entitled to a provider consultation with a Physician 360 provider to be evaluated for treatment. However, please note that the result of the test is one piece of information that the provider uses to make treatment decisions. There are situations where a test might be positive, but a prescription is still not indicated. Your provider will explain the details during the audiovisual consult.

Yes! If you give Physician 360 permission to share information with your primary care physician, we will be happy to forward them a summary of your test result and visit.

Yes. In order to engage in a consultation with a Physician 360 provider, you will need to create an account. Click here to create your account. This is the first step to be able to initiate the physician consult and get treatment.

  1. Test kit packaging for the unique identifier code to book a physician consult.
  1. The actual test with results to show your physician during the audiovisual consult.
  2. A device with two-way video capability so that your physician can see you during the consult. (tablet, smartphone, laptop, etc.)

In order to make sure you are safe, and that your symptoms don’t warrant an immediate face-to-face doctor visit, all Physician 360 consultations have at least a few minutes of video interaction.

Unfortunately, not at this time. Our physicians are only available to those patients who have purchased a Physician 360 test kit. A unique identifier code from the test kit packaging is used to begin a consult with a physician.

eVisit is one of Physician 360’s partners. They have built and maintain the remote care platform and electronic medical record that Physician 360 uses to provide consults to their patients. As with all Physician 360 affiliates, eVisit has a commitment to proving excellent patient care. Click Here to Learn More About eVisit.

Although Physician 360 tests are up to 99.9% accurate, on rare occasions a false positive may occur. Rapid tests with 100% accuracy do not exist, so this low risk also occurs when you are tested at your doctor’s office or in the hospital. This is why it’s important that our test kits be used in conjunction with a physician consult. Providers are trained professionals and know how to interpret test results and assess your risk for an illness.

Not necessarily. The result of your test is just one piece of information that your Physician 360 provider will take into consideration when they are assessing your risk for an illness. Additionally, every illness has a window period during which the presence of the infection may not be detected. While you may test negative in the early part of this period, it does not mean that you will not test positive at a later date, or vice versa. Therefore, there are situations where even though your test result might be negative, a medication treatment is indicated. Your provider will explain in greater detail during your audiovisual consult.

Prescriptions are not included with your Physician 360 test kit purchase, and vary depending on your insurance status and carrier. We also have no affiliation with any health insurance providers, so please clarify any prescription questions or concerns with them directly.

Nothing! The physician consult is included with your purchase of a Physician 360 test kit.

At this time we are not able to accept payment by health insurance providers.

Although Physician 360 tests are up to 99% accurate, on rare occasions a false negative may occur. Rapid tests with 100% accuracy do not exist, so this low risk also occurs when you are tested at your doctor’s office or in the hospital. This is why it’s important that our test kits be used in conjunction with a physician consult. Providers are trained professionals and know how to interpret test results and assess your risk for an illness.

Please send us an email at info@physician360.com and someone from our team will contact you as soon as possible!


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