Providing Vigilant Care Since 1974

In the summer of 1974 while Marvel was introducing the self-healing Super Hero Wolverine™, Pete and Lynne Ciaramita decided to share the powerful art of healing with pharmaceutical care that focused on each patient’s specific needs. Partnering with Vernon and Darlene Haag, the couples purchased Crown Drug, located next to what is now the Racine Art Museum, formerly M&I Bank. They renamed the drug store to Haag’s Lakeview Pharmacy and remained there for three years. In 1977 the pharmacy moved into the former Hoffman Furniture Building at 424 Main Street.

At a time when nursing homes were one of the only options for patients needing constant care, the pharmacy had a vision to serve individuals who still feel independent, yet require long-term care in comfortable surroundings. They continued to grow and in 1985 expanded into a Long-Term Care Pharmacy to provide care for assisted living homes. Starting with 55 residents, the pharmacy built upon its dream, and now cares for nearly 1,000 patients at over 140 assisted living facilities.

From Roots to Ruins

In March of 1987, Pete and Lynne branched out on their own and bought out the partnership from the Haags. Three years later they purchased the building at 424 Main Street. Nestled near Root River that feeds into Lake Michigan, they renamed their dream to Lakeview Pharmacy. To accommodate for their Long Term Care expansion and be environmentally green, Lakeview Pharmacy temporarily closed its doors in 1991 to convert the building from oil to gas heat.

The call came at exactly 11 A.M. on March 8, 1991. There was no visible smoke at 424 Main St. at first, but after six hours of flame-blazing battles from almost every fire truck in the city, Lakeview Pharmacy burned to the ground. Unfortunately, the hired contractors had inadvertently started the fire on the third floor and tried to put it out themselves, to no avail. Watching washed-up bits of his building flow north on Main Street toward the Root River, Pete held his head up high, thankful that no one was seriously injured. With a hopeful heart, Pete told the fireman that he could remain caring for his patients if they could retrieve his backup disk to the computer system from the safe.

Community Helps to Heal

At a time like this, only heroes can save heroes. The following Monday, while Pete and Lynne looked for a place to reestablish their pharmacy, M&I Bank offered the use of its conference room so Pete and Lynne could continue caring for their patients. With the help of many community members, Lakeview Pharmacy quickly moved into the Doering Jewelry building a few doors down. By Fall of 1991 Lakeview Pharmacy relocated one block south to their current location, 516 Monument Square, the former Joseph Lawrence Clothiers. Today, the store offers a retail, long-term care and compounding pharmacy and continues to serve more and more of the community.


As one of Racine’s last independent pharmacies, Lakeview Pharmacy keeps a careful watch over each patient to ensure the best possible care. We listen. We pay attention. We catch what doctors miss.

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