Electronic Medication Administration Records eMARS

Electronic Medication Administration Records

Patient Profiles at Your Fingertips

The needs and schedules of every patient are different and ever-changing. Our goal is to make it easier and more convenient to keep track of patient medication administration records, simplify daily routines and improve overall compliance and care. Paper filing often leads to clutter or loss of an important document. Electronic Medication Administration Records (eMARS) is all about easy, yet confidential access to resident medication information.

Lakeview Pharmacy services over 1,000 beds in many group homes that have access to Electronic Medication Administration Records. These programs are designed to help with the many areas of managing your group home. From recording medication schedules, diagnoses and vitals, to listing allergies, diet restrictions, bath time and more, this software is a Web-based, mobile touch screen program, that creates patient profiles to help nurses provide the best care possible.

Extended Care Professionals (ECP) is an assisted living software that helps facilities manage care, reduce costs, stay compliant and enhance overall care for residents. For added security, each employee is required to use a unique login and password. To eliminate medication error, each patient profile has its own photo, and caregivers are required to scan medication barcodes before administering them to a patient. To protect all medication administration records and prevent security breaches, all data is encrypted on servers with a five-tier security platform operated by Extended Care Professionals. Visit extendedcarepro.com for more information.

Another popular company we work with is Eldermark. This senior housing software simplifies transferring clinical care documents between facilities, hospitals, physicians and the pharmacists. This program has a single, powerful platform with streamlined support, data entry and health data access. Resident data flows through 10 major modules: Marketing, Custom Assessments, Clinical Forms Management, eMARS, Risk Management, Billing, General Ledger, Point of Care, Apple Nurse Call and Health Information Exchange. Visit eldermark.com for more information.

ECP and Eldermark softwares are equipped with an easy-to-use interface to improve communication between group home staff and Lakeview Pharmacy, and simplify processing and changing resident prescriptions. With a 99.6{40a1dbdc75238612927579e6bd5f9dafb6fc8a060678211c5e5889ddaa624514} uptime, these software programs utilize load balancing to ensure speed during high traffic use. All medication orders are transmitted to our pharmacy within minutes and can be reordered directly from the pharmacy through these programs. To ease the process on your end, our pharmacists will contact resident’s physician to ensure all prescriptions are handled in a timely manner.

Get Set-Up Today! 

If you’re currently using or interested in another assisted living software program, don’t let that stop you from working with us. We also provide eMARS demonstrations. To learn more about how these softwares can help you manage all aspects of your group home, visit their Web sites or call.

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