neighborhood kids club

Your Neighborhood Kids Club


Every day they watch you, their heroes. They strive to run faster, jump higher, and be stronger – to grow up just like you. Help give your children the power they want, with the help of our free neighborhood kids club vitamin program.

In today’s super-charged world of fast food and busy after school schedules, we understand it’s harder than ever for children to maintain healthy eating habits. Multi-vitamins supplement the nutrients children need to ensure they are getting what their growing bodies require to reduce the risk of certain deficiencies and illnesses.

“Your Neighborhood Kids Club” Free Vitamin Program offers children ages 4 – 12 years a free 30-day supply of chewable Mason Natural multi-vitamins each month.

Be Their Hero. Sign Up Today!

Parents (Guardians) may sign up for the program and visit Lakeview Pharmacy at 516 Monument Square, Racine WI, each month to pick up a FREE 30-count bottle of vitamins for each child ages 4 – 12 years old.

Lakeview Pharmacy continues to serve generations of area families since 1974. Our vitamin program is one of the many service efforts sponsored by the dedicated staff at Lakeview Pharmacy.