sockwell compression socks

Decrease Swelling, Increase Comfort With Sockwell Compression Socks

On your feet all day? Whether you’re running around the clock or sitting in an office all day, your comfort and health should never be sacrificed. Sockwell compression socks are a nonpharmacologic option to improve blood flow and decrease tissue swelling in the legs, which helps to minimize pain and reduce major health risks.

Lakeview Pharmacy offers compression socks for both men and women in two levels of comfort support: 15-20 mmHg for moderate support and a firm 20-30 mmHg for added compression support. The socks are manufactured with well-chosen fibers from homegrown American wool and designed in graduated compression and relaxed fit.

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Five Great Reasons to Wear Compression Socks:
1. Reduce Soreness from Standing & Sitting for Long Periods
2. Improve Blood Flow
3. Reduce Leg Swelling
4. Help Prevent Spider & Varicose Veins
5. Assists in Prevention of Blood Clot Formation

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